Chapter 18. Finishing touches

In this document we have setup a machine to match the requirements in the introduction of this document, and it now only needs the finishing touches before being activated for real.

18.1. Security

When I speak of finishing touches, then that does not mean that You can rest easy.

The only security implemented on this machine is Your own ability to use passwords that are har to guess.

The services are protected only by the netfilter capability of Linux, and if someone finds a hole in this, You're screwed.

We are also totally vulnerable in the case of a successfull breakin. There is no IDS (Intrusion Detection System), or record of how the machine should look like.

Those are just some of the finishing touches, that I leave You with.

18.2. Other stuff

Other stuff that also counts as finishing touches are the setup of virtual http-servers for Your users.

I also have a thing about self administration, and want my users to be able to take care of themselves, which is why an admin section of the web-server should also be considered. This site should be protected by at least passwords and TSL (Transport Layer Security).

There is lots of other things to add as times go on. Just one example would be implementing a reasonable backup strategy?

Keep safe. Patch Your systems. Do security.