Chapter 11. DHCP server

DHCP is short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and is used to assign network settings to hosts in Your network (if they support this). I use a subset of DHCP to make things easier on myself. There is only one place where I need to have my IP configurations and other networking setup.

The way I use DHCP is to lock an IP to a specific adapters MAC address. This will ensure that the adapter will always get the same IP when Your machine boots.


On some multiple port adapters, all interfaces has the same MAC address. This is fully compliant with the ethernet standard, which specifies that a MAC address be unique on a host basis, not on an interface basis. You may have to do some setup of the adapter to distinguish each interface on the adapter.

11.1. Installing DHCP

Again we install packages.

apt-get install dhcpd
apt-get install webmin-dhcpd

And that should be it...

11.2. Configuring DHCP

In WebMin, go the Servers->DHCP Server, and take a look around. There are some examples in there. Do what You want, and then move on...